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Training Horse and Owner
With my many years of experience and knowledge, I am able to troubleshoot problems between horses and their owners offering them a way to understand each other more clearly.  This valuable instruction relieves stress and tension for pure relaxation because each knows the rules and has a clear understanding of what is expected and therefore clear communication.  I feel strongly that horse and owner should learn together.  In my opinion, the horse cannot be trained and then handed over to the owner expecting things to ideally work out.  There are many times that I will train the horse for the required exercises so the owner doesn't have to do the actual horse training.  Once that is done, I do expect the owner to then learn the exercises with their horse to be able to communicate clearly with the horse as well as to realize and benefit from the usefulness of the training in everyday handling of their horse.  My training services are limited to broke horses as I do not break or train very young horses.

$ 50.00 per hour at my farm
$ 60.00 off farm and mileage fee 
Cavalcade in Lightness and Cavalcade Farm Services
At Cavalcade in Lightness and Cavalcade Farm, we take care to provide the  highest quality services personalized for you and your horse's  unique needs. 
Boarding at Cavalcade Farm
From time to time I have openings for boarders.  As my farm is not very large , I am limited to the number of horses I can have that allows for ample room and comfort of the horses and to maintain my pastures from over grazing.    I also like to have reserve room for a couple of horses for training and rehab.  The horses are never stalled.   They live in small monitored herds for companionship and housed for periods of the day and during wet weather on dry lot paddocks with run-in sheds.  Free choice hay in slow feed hay nets is provided which keeps them very relaxed and happy eliminating most of the aggressive food behaviors as well as relieves any digestive issues.  This housing arrangement  is also excellent  for easy keeper/insulin resistant type horses that cannot have lots of pasture time due to weight and metabolic issues.  Feeding is very natural with the free choice hay and a custom mineral mix is provided in soaked beet pulp with a bit of alfalfa pellets along with flax, vitamin E, probiotics and at times herbal remedies as needed.  The custom mineral mix is provided by Balanced Equine Nutrition  and is based on an analysis of my hay.  See the pictures page for sleek and shiny as wet seal coats!  A testament to how healthy horses should look!

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Rehab and Biomechanics Training Horse and Owner
Biomechanics training is probably the single MOST IMPORTANT training an owner can learn for their horse's benefit to help their horses remain sound, healthy and happy.  I have learned that preparing the horse to properly use his body correcting imbalances and teaching the horse how to properly carry a rider is the most loving thing one can do for their horse.  Horses are, like us, naturally imbalanced and basically crooked.  When lying in their mother's womb they are curled to one side a bit.  This natural tendency will remain with the horse for all of its life.  It is called their natural asymmetry.  This is not a problem for an unridden horse as they are perfect in the way the Devine created them.  But when we sit on them, our weight causes their back to sag a little.  They naturally respond to our weight in this way.  Over the years, the back sags more.  The spine curves too much causing the horse pain and its body to be dysfunctional.  The horse MUST BE TAUGHT to use muscles in an unnatural way to them for them to learn to  lift and carry a rider.  Teaching them this will help prevent injury to the horse both physically and mentally.  Many, many times owners ask the horse to do things that their bodies cannot physically do.  The horse gets unfairly blamed for not doing what was asked when in fact the horse is PHYSICALLY UNABLE to do what was asked.  The horses become very frustrated because we keep asking them to do the impossible--sometimes to the point that the rebel in unwanted behaviors.  In many cases we have all been taught to "make" them do our request and punish them if they don't.  Sometimes we are able to force some semblance of our request but the horse is out of balance.  The horse will rush.  He may even fall!  He could be injured.  He will become anxious and fearful and probably resentful of us. They may even learn to not like being with us.  There are steps to help the horse learn this new and balanced posture.  They can be taught in a non-threatening way that the horse can understand.  The work begins on the ground and in-hand step by step.  The horse at first will be confused that we want him to move in a different way but will soon learn that his body feels more balanced and good so is happy to do the work.  The changes in posture will even be used by the horse in his day to day life.  We can help the horse and prepare him for what we ask him to do and give him time to learn and not be anxious or afraid.  All this work will play over seamlessly to riding.  Both horse and rider will know what is required.