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cav-al-cade                       light-ness
ka-vel-kad                                                 lahyt-nis
: a procession of riders on horseback

My farm also uses the word Cavalcade as its name so it seemed appropriate to use it in my lesson/training program as well.  I have always envisioned a multitude of different types of horses with riders of all sorts of riding disciplines parading around my farm.  There truly has been a variety of both horses and riders over the years and my training methods work for the majority!

Every horse needs help with proper biomechanics in the use of their bodies to carry the rider in a healthy way.  This is necessary to help horses live long healthy lives without injury.
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: an ease and gaiety of style or manner    
: nimble : lack of pressure or        burdensomeness
: a lack of weightiness or force : delicacy

Lightness refers to the type of riding and training that I do.   It is very light use of touch on the horse's body or lead rope or reins mixed with teaching mutual respect and communication for  a very meaningful horse and rider/owner partnership with clear understanding.

When a horse and rider are educated in biomechanics they become more balanced which makes the lightness indeed possible!!  Without it much confusion and strife occurs as well as damage to the horse both mentally and physically.
Do you love your horse?  Don't go it alone.  Come join the Cavalcade and learn how to keep your horse more comfortable and communicate better with your horse!
and for Case Histories with Before and After photos of Biomechanic Training with Horses!
More on Biomechanics for the Rider Coming Soon!